Taranis Radio - no response in mission planner

Mission planner config- rover båt.param (15.0 KB) Taranis radio Channels monitor redusert Robot Taransi mottaker redusert What am I doing wrong! I can’t get my Rover (Boat) connected to the radio!

I have a Taranis x9 light which I try to connect to mission planner. Radio should be configurated, and get signal into the channel monitor on the Taranis (switches and joystick) (Radio mode ACCST 16D Ch1-16). The receiver radio is connected, and the red light goes to green wen Taranis is powered on (FrSKY 2.4Hz ACCST R-XRS). the receiver is connected to input 0 PPM/SB on a Navio2. The Rover is equipped with on Raspberry Pi 4 and Emlid Navio2. the telemetry radio on the computer is connected to the rover, and I have connection.

I have connected the radio to the PC and selected “USB joystick (HID)”. In mission planner set up “joystick” the radio was detected “FrSky taranis joystick”, but now when I press enable pop up window tells me please connect a joystick.

In the radio calibration window nothing is happening. When I run the calibration radio I get “Bad channel 1 input, cancelling”

I found a lot of information about how to calibrate the radio online but to connect it I have problem finding solution, please help!!

Thank you for helping!
Best regards Steinar