Taranis/Open TX basic setup tutorial

Kinda at my wit’s end here. New to building drones. Having a ton of problems with getting my Taranis Q X7 transmitter configured. I must have some mental block that is keeping me from figuring out how to set up the switches. I’m building a wing. The binding process was fine, sticks will calibrate with the Pixhawk, but can’t get any of the switches to do anything. Is there any alternative other than the poorly produced YouTube videos that always seem to miss or blow off a critical step?

Is the Herelink any easier to set up? I’m balking at the price and size but it would be nice to have digital video for FPV and payload. Especially if the setup process isn’t frustrating.

Good day, taranis x7 is pretty simple to set up…
just create a model…
In taranis mixer page, you need first setup the channels like.
5)CH5: in this channel you can choose a switch for the flight modes you need, with the switch you have choose, you can only use 3 flight modes, after this if you need more flight modes you can mix.

On taranis, if you dont want get the switch waring everytime you switch on your rc…just put all the switches in the upper postition.

Assuming ArduPlane with a wing the default Flight mode channel is 8 not 5. You can easily change it to 5 if that’s what you have configured in the Tx already.

Post your .otx file if you like and we can take a look.

correct… i thought he is building a copter…

That bit me with my 1st plane build which was a wing. Some planes can use a lot of channels so I think this is a holdover from 8 chan days. It set it to chan 5, seems easier to keep straight if you have a lot of different models.

Thanks for all the responses.

I’m not quite that far along yet. I originally bought the transmitter for a hex copter kit and it came pre-programmed for it. I’m building a new model from scratch and trying to compare what’s in the hex configuration and really having a mental block as to how to get the inputs to the outputs. I really need some basic stuff, just really the “go here and do this” so that I can get started.

If you haven’t been here, good place to start.

You want to start a new model in the Tx. A multirotor configuration is not what you want to start with.