Takeoff strange with err 24-1

We try to auto takeoff the helicopter to the first waypoint in 15 meters, but the heclicopter climb more than 40 meters and loiter about 1 minutes, then it turn to the waypoint, check the log and show err 24-1, does it mean EKF2 error?2017-06-11 17-38-20.bin (2.9 MB)

That is an EKF “lane changing” error. You have quite high vibration levels and the IMU’s are aliasing a lot. It is causing problems with the EKF and changing IMU’s in flight.

You need to do something either to fix the vibration problem in the helicopter, or re-design the mount for your flight controller to better isolate it from vibration.

Thanks, Olson
My plane is helicopter-450, so I suppose maybe change a lager one is better.

I have a 450 helicopter and it flies great. You do not need to get a bigger helicopter. Just look the Arducopter wiki on ways to reduce vibration and follow the directions.

Got, Thanks Pal, I will try it