Takeoff restarts when Plane is landed


We have a fixed wing configured for autoladind, with airspeed sensor and no Lidar.

Some flights were OK but the last one, once the plane has landed, the motors were full power and the motor mount and a prop were broken.

It says: “Restarted landing via DO_LAND_START:60” before giving power to the motors. 60 is the “Do_land_Start” command in the mission plan.

Our 2 opinions are:

1- In this flight, there was no flare. In the flights were the it did the Flare, all was OK.
Maybe when there is no Flare and the plane lands, the Autopilot thinks it has not landed and restarts de Landing secuence?
In this case, is some way to deactivate that option?

2-Land_Pf_arspd is 15. The plane reached 13.8 m/s before touching ground. Maybe it’s related to some parameters that have to be changed?

The parameters are:


Othe thing that we noticed is that when it landed the altitude was 4m, not 0m. Land_Flare_alt is 3. Maybe this is the reason why the Autopilot thought that it never reached the flare and wanted to restart the landing secuence?

Landed plane before restarting the Landing secuence:

Any ideas?


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Here is the log of the flight!

Anyone? Please!!! We cant find the real problem.