Takeoff mode vs loiter mode

About the takeoff mode from the docs:
“If the mode is entered while already flying, it will immediately begin loitering as in LOITER mode.”

Is this fully equivalent to the loiter mode? I.e. is the circle center where the mode has been entered, or as defined by the takeoff direction and appropriate parameters? I hope for the former, as I have no room for Loiter in the modes config, and I would still enjoy this mode. And I have the Takeoff mode configured on a RC channel.

How is the speed and throttle authority governed while flying Loiter?

As I understand it, the double function was intended to do just that, save you a mode slot.

I couldn’t test it myself though, as weather was bad and I’m also still confused by this: Question regarding takeoff mode / arm switch relation

Just in case you know something about this or find it out during testing the mode. :wink:

If I’m not mistaken, throttle is manual in LOITER as long as it’s not part of a waypoint mission.

When enter into loiter mode its auto throttle mode as you set cruise air speed if you installed airspeed sensor other wise it uses GPS speed which you have to set amount of throttle percentage to it able to fly.
In mission planner you can see in action tap set speed or set throttle widget.