Takeoff in Alt-Hold or Loiter

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I wanted to ask if it is possible to take off in other modes than (then?) Stabilize like Alt-Hold and Loiter and Land in the same modes.

I think landing in those flying modes is working - I tried Alt-Hold and I think I also tried landing in Loiter.
I could not find any documentation answering my question.

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Yes, depending on what version of the firmware you’re using. (Generally, when asking specific questions about flight capabilities, it’s helpful, even necessary, to post what version you’re using, because all depends on that).

I’m on 3.1.5, and I take off in loiter by default (it’s very smooth).

I don’t know what firmware version it first appeared in, though.


I built my friend a tri-copter with an apm2.6 and arducopter v3.2.
He takes off, fly’s and land’s in nothing but Position Hold without any problems.

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thank you to both of you!!!

Well yes, indeed I forgot to tell the firmware here.
I am using original pixhawk with fw 3.3.1
From what you said I think I can give it a try, both in Loiter and Alt-Hold :wink:

Hey there,

I did some flights today.
I took of and landed the hexa copter in Stabilize, Alt-Hold and Loiter without any problems!

Thank you for your answers!