TAKEOFF Flight Mode not configurable

TAKEOFF (RCx_OPTION = 77) is not selectable in RCx_OPTION drop down.

ArduPlane 4.0.0
QGC daily

Parameter meta data is likely out of date with recent changes to Plane 4. Enter an issue and it will get fixed.

issue #7973 submitted

Even if it was configurable from QGC you would get an error “invalid flight mode” same as seen in configuring from Mission Planner where it does show up as an Option. With 4.0.0 it works as a flight mode but apparently not yet as an RCx option. Have tested this.

that’s not good but a different bug.
Have you submitted an issue against plane 4.0 ?

That is correct and I will fix that as well. Although in that specific case, where you get invalid flight mode you can still fly with that error it’s just that the indicator in the toolbar will be incorrect.

As always, if you find a problem tell me.

@twistedwings As far as I can tell although Takeoff is now a flight mode, it is not available as a choice for RC#_OPTION (even though docs says it is). Which is why QGC doesn’t show it. Asking ArduPilot folks about it.

Missing flight modes for ArduPlane are added: https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/pull/7987. Will show up in daily builds soon. But as far as ArduPlane parameter meta data is concerned TAKEOFF is not a possible option for RC#_OPTION. So I can’t do anything about that. You can see the options from the source here: https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/blob/plane4.0/libraries/RC_Channel/RC_Channel.cpp#L92

Yep, it’s been added in master…

Perhaps people might want to agitate to get that patch backported (if
it’s not already).