Takeoff delay after ARM (Mission) Hobbywing X9 issue

I need to add delay after ARM so drone should wait additional 2 seconds before Takeoff attemp.
Hobbywing X9 after arming drone makes first slow turn (and doesn’t react on input) than works fine, and in AUTO mode (Takeoff) ardcucopter starts to increase throttle but motors doesn’t react, than arducopter increases throttle because drone is still on the ground, than drone takes off with super fast speed like FPV drone, looks veeeery cool :crazy_face: , but need somehow to fix that.

Check or retry the calibration of the ESCs using the semi-automatic method:

Then if the ESCs are still not starting up right away
MOT_SPOOL_TIME,1 ← increase until it works reliably

I think Hobbtwing combos do not calibrate ESC. You have to set MOT_PWM_MAX and MIN manually. If I remember correctly, 1940 and 1100.

PWM for those ESC is static.

I’ll try MOT_SPOOL_TIME, it should work, maybe =)