Take off, then Stabilize makes motors cut back

I did notice one concerning thing, using no props and no RC

If I press the one button take off, without my RC on (no props)
motors spin up to and takes off in guided
Next if I change to stabilize, the motors immediately cut back to armed spin-up speed, not slow like a land at all, that surely would make it fall out of the sky correct?

Wouldn’t it be better if it just went to mid throttle if its in the air rather than drop at that point to prevent someone from losing their drone?

Thanks Ed,

Even changing to loiter causes the motors to stop (arm speed) then shut down.

Is this only because Im not using any props?

I believe those modes pass control back to the Tx and since yours is not connected it shuts the motors down.

Hummm, you could be correct but thats too bad because if my Tx died and I tried to use my device to get my drone back home and safe to me it may fall out of the sky…that seems very odd, if no Tx detected it should not do that. I feel the last thing the app should do is drop the drone from the sky.

Hope Arthur can confirm cause this does not seem correct at all.