Take off mission item

Hi everyone,

I’ve been planning missions with no problem in a Copter (several waypoints, land, RTH,…) but there’s no way to use the Take off item. How has to be used?

I’ve tried to ARM the Copter and then switch to AUTO mode with no success. To begin the mission I need to ARM the Copter in Stabilise mode, take off manually and then swith to AUTO mode. Immediately after that the Copter climbs stright up until the desired altitude as if it was executing the Take off command. Then it continues with the mission perfectly. Why it doesn’t start from the ground?

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your help!

You are just missing one step.

On the ground, in stab oir althold, arm the copter.
Switch to Auto.
Move throttle stick.

As soon as it sees the throttle move it will initiate the takeoff.