Take-off and Land Test Flight without RC Controller?


I am working with Ardupilot APM 2.6 and mission planner trying to get a simple, basic test flight accomplished without an RC Controller. I realize autonomous flight without radio control is dangerous, which is why I only want to do this for a basic test flight.

I’ve set up a basic flight plan: take off, hover at 1 m for 2 seconds, and land, but this does not seem to be working. We can arm the motors, but Mission Planner does not seem to let the quad take off without radio control enabled. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding flying without a radio controller? I’ve seen a number of videos and posts online regarding people who have accomplished this but cannot seem to accomplish the same.

Thanks in advance!

I think APM is configured by default to not go into Auto mode unless the props are spinning. With mine, I can’t enable Auto mode unless I up the throttle slightly on the radio to get the motors going. My guess would be, if you can bypass that as a requirement for the quad to go into Auto mode, you should be ok from there.

Did anyone ever find out how to bypass this rc requirement?

If you are on Copter version >= 3.3 , you can use guided mode (recommended) or use RC_override to simulate rc command (not recommended)

would you please guide me how to disable PWM input RC commands and instead use my specific design joystick with I2C connection link

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