Tailsitter VTOL

I’m building the tailsitter. 2 servos for ailerons and 2 motors.
I activated the qplane mode.
Motors configured to 33 and 34 function.
How should i configure the function for ailerons?
Is it really ailerons or elevon?

Could be good to check this long discussion : Dual-motor tailsitters

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function for elevons are 77 and 78.
if you choose q_frame_class = 10, correct parameters for motors are 73 and 74

I built the trunk. but I couldn’t find (q_enable). What is the reason . updated mission pilaner and apm 2.5
help please

we dont understand what “trunk” is…if you are trying to use an APM 2.5 flight controller for a quadplane, it is much too old and obsolete… we stopped supporting that with ArduPilot years ago…buy a modern controller…for a quadplane, I suggest the MatekF405-Wing or Matek F765-Wing (if you need LUA scripting…probably not)…

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flying wing. Tailsitter . twin engine :neutral_face:

Is it possible for me to do this with apm2.5? Maybe with an old Version written?

No…tailsitter support was not introduced until 3.8…last APM release for plane is 3.4…you need to spend $50 and get a modern flight controller

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Thank you very much for informing.

is radiolink pixhawk suitable for this project?

Any true Pixhawk autopilot should be fine (the minPix from RadioLink is not recommended)