Tailsitter VTOL Take-off horizontal error

Hello, its an urgent and we need to solve this problem asap. Any help would be appreciated!

These are the components that i use in this tail-sitter :

ROTORS: 2814 SunnySky 900kv
BATTERY: Banshee 5000mAh 4S
ESC: Velox 45A v2
PDB: Holybro pm06

we attached the video of the last flight,log and parameters as well down below:

VTOL TAKE-OFF PARAMETERS 16.05.2024.param (20.6 KB)

00000309.BIN (804 KB)

We tried to take-off with Q-STABILIZE mode then when we saw that it won’t reach to certain altitude ‘‘it tilts right away every time it took off, does not go up with a straight position’’ we changed the mode to FBWA in order to not to damage the plane. You can see the movement of the plane by attached video.