Tailsitter shot up after switching to Qloiter

Hi there,

i have a 2.5 kg Thrust vectoring Tailsitter system with 16 inch APC props. the system was tested in Qloiter mode when performing a quicktune, and it was holding altitude and position

but in the recent flight the system took off in QStabilize without any issues, but the minute i switched to Qloiter, the system shot up to almost 100m after which i switched to FBWA mode.

in FBWA mode it nose dived into the ground and is totalled

2 issues in the flight

  1. Why did it shoot up in Qloiter mode
  2. Why did it nose dive into the ground in FBWA

for Question no 2, the control surface area was reduced by almost 50% for aesthetics and testing, and PID values were old ones, the idea was to perform a Autotune in Fixed wing mode.

attached is the link to the .bin file.

Requesting to please go through it and help me understand why the failures happened.