Tailsitter quadplane support

Hi All,

I was just curious if there is any support for a quadrotor setup in the tailsitter plane configuration. I’ve seen the support for the dual motor flying wings, where the qhover and qstabilize modes use differential thrust for roll and control surface deflection for pitch and yaw. Anyone ever built a version that would do the same thing with 4 rotors and operate as a quad when in tailsitter mode? I was surprised to find that the tailsitter mode didn’t support multirotor control, even though it is a “quad-plane” frame type.

Just wondering if anyone has worked with this before.

Hi, we are currently using this same config on the latest APM

Hi Bobby, could you elaborate on this? Is this a firmware update to Arducopter?

There will be a PR in for this from @kd0aij soon, should be in master in a few weeks

Sorry for the delay, its a custom FW