Tailsitter Configuration Sanity Check

I’m in the process of preparing a a quadplane/tailsitter, and experimenting with the configuration in the autopilot to double check everything is as it appears to be. The aircraft in question is planned to be a flying wing, featuring two fixed motors on the leading edge, and one pusher motor on the tail to help facilitate VTOL. Ideally no motors will tilt or thrust vector, and I’d like to at least experiment with control surfaces only before making that decision if it is necessary.

So far I have the Q_FRAME_CLASS set to 10 (Single/Dual), outputs 1 & 2 set to elevons left and right, output 3 and 4 to throttle left and right, and output 3 to throttle.

Is this correct so far? It seems like the autopilot is a bit too smart for me at this point - I’ve connected servos to all outputs to visualise the output, but in plane modes (RTL, circle etc) only the elevons move, and in Q modes, elevons are centred and throttles are all idle.