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Tailscale as Zerotier alternative


for some unknown reason Zerotier stopped working for me. I searched for an alternative and finally found Tailscale.

It provides the same p2p network service as zerotier, but it uses wireguard to connect the nodes together. Installation and setup was even simpler than with Zerotier.
I got it installed and running on my desktop, laptop and rovers in 15min.
Telemetry and video from rpanion-server to my desktop PC worked immediatly after adding the endpoint to rpanion and entering the video source in Missionplanner. The rover was connected to a 4g mobile hotspot and my desktop to cable internet. The video (640x480@1000kb/s) had no perceivable latency. I am not associated with Tailscale in any way, but for anyone interested in unlimited range/mobile connection to their vehicles, it is worth a look. It is free for single user/private use.

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Servers by jDrones