Tail behavior problems, WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR parameter?

So, I just built my second Trad Heli platform, its a FBL 700 of about 5 kg of AUW, carrying 12S of 5000 mah, spinning 1,400 rpm of headspeed and powered by a Pixhawk 2.1.

I spent a couple of days doing the tradition heli tunning guide and now I have a pretty stable flying machine that will hold very good on hovers and I can say that I am very satisfied with general flight behavior when manually doing forward flights on stabilize and loiter flying modes.

After this, I started to test the auto missions but could not get the tail to follow the mission path. I double checked the WP_Yaw_Behavior parameter to ensure that it was set to value no. 1 “face next waypoint” hence the tail will follow the wanted path of the loaded mission, but after several tries, ended with the same results.

Did tried changing the WP_Yaw_Behavior parameter to value no. 3 “Face along GPS course” but had no concluding results either.

I did notice some problems with the tail while hovering in loiter flight mode, the tail will no hold 100% to a certain heading, it will drift a bit, but if I manually fly the heli, it will go wherever I point it to so I don’t think it’s a problem with the tail authority, more like the behavior on auto missions is stuck in never change the yaw.

Will appreciate if someone can share their experience with similar problems.

I’m attaching a link to a shared folder with the log of the last flight and also the parameters files:

Increase your RC4 deadzone. It will take probably at least 30-40 pwm to prevent the transmitter from over-riding the yaw controller.

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Thnks for the advice, problem solved with the RC4 deadzone. Did the same for all other 4 ch.