Tablet graphical display of attitude, airspeed, and altitude from MAV stream?

I’m looking for an app for a tablet (iPad, Android, or Windows) that can graphically display attitude, airspeed, and altitude, possibly similar to the main data display for Mission Planner. In fact, MP is my fallback if nothing else exists, but I’d prefer a stripped down app without all of the other GC features so as to keep the display as uncluttered as possible. But if there are other GC apps I should look at, that could be helpful too.

Having a moving map display showing waypoints as well would be a plus, especially if it could be toggled with the touchscreen to either be displayed or hidden.

I’m guessing what I’m describing doesn’t exist but thought I’d ask to be sure.

QGroundControl (or QGC). It’s available on all those platforms and some will consider it more visually appealing than MP.

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