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Table Action Simple

(Ricardo Molinari) #1

How to customize table action simple in mission planner?

Thank you

(Nikita) #2

You want to change content in this tab?

You need to modify source code of MP and rebuild it.

(Ricardo Molinari) #3

Hi, sorry for the delay. Actually this flap. I think it could be customized without changing the Mission Planner code.


(Nikita) #4

Creator of MP marker my answer as solution, and You disagree, lol. It is impossible to change it, without modifying of source code.

There are 2 tabs for actions 1 simple on your screen and 1 full on my screen, right click on any tab name to view menu of choosing of tabs.

If You does not need this simple just uncheck it.

(Ricardo Molinari) #5

Good Morning!
First of all sorry uncheck as “solution” your answer. I am new to the forum and I thought I needed to ask again. In addition, I use Google Translate to write in English.
Okay, thanks for the answers! I thought there was a way to customize this tab without tampering with the MP code.