T-Motors BLHeli_32

Not likely. Default timing and Demag Comp typically works for a wide range of motor kV. Elaborate on what you have and the problem you are seeing. This post is very old.

The setup is T-motor F2004 1700KV motors, T4030 props, T-motor F45A 4 in 1 ESC, 4S Li-Ion. The AUW is 900g. The motors are capable of producing the thrust required but it does not takeoff even at full throttle. When I reduce the weight of the quad by half, I have no problem in flying the quad, although it loses altitude now and then. It appears as the ESC is limiting its output to a certain thrust. I switched the protocol from DShot to PWM, but it did not help. “Low RPM Power Protect” is Off, “Low Voltage Protection” is Off. PWM Frequency Low and High is set to 96KHz.

With a 1700kvv motor you want Low RPM Power Protect on but it’s not a big deal. This will have nothing to do with your problem. Post a link to a .bin flight log file of a takeoff attempt. Perhaps your Li-ion battery can’t supply the current. Switch back to Dshot.

As this isn’t “the exact problem” you should have started a new thread.