T-Motor M690 Long Endurance Quadcopter Drone

This listing (Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/T-Motor-M690-Quadcopter-Drone-60-Min-Time-for-DJI-Pixhawk-Ardupilot-etc/193901327648) is for a lightly used T-Motor M690 Quadcopter Drone. These currently sell new for $1800. It was previously used for long-endurance mapping using a custom Pixhawk autopilot and carrying a Sony a6000 camera. Note, there are holes that were drilled into the top plate of the airframe body and top cover to mount the previous electronics. Additionally, a mount for a removable Drotek RM3100 compass mast (great compass by the way) was adhered to the top red cover. Neither modifications affect functionality, and the original mounting threads for DJI, Pixhawk, and Micropilot flight controllers are untouched.

This drone includes a CNC machined aluminum airframe body with power board, carbon fiber motor arms with integrated motors, ESCs, and nav lights. It has foldable landing gear, a carbon fiber red top cover, payload mounting threads, GPS mast, and compass mast (for the RM3100).

This drone is capable of flying for 1 hour with a 1kg payload. It normally uses a ~30AH 4S smart battery made by Tattu, but I believe that you can also used a normal LiPo 4S battery (with an XT60 plug) that fits into the battery bay. The smart batteries can be purchased from T-Motor’s website or a number a T-Motor distributers. I am unable to include any batteries due to shipping restrictions unless you do a local pickup.


  • Frame
  • Top cover
  • 4x Propellers (18 inch)
  • 4x Motor Arms with ESCs & nav lights
  • 4x Foldable landing gear legs
  • GPS mast
  • Compass mast
  • Assorted payload mounting brackets


  • MTOW: 4.2kg
  • Endurance: 0.5kg > 71 min, 1kg >60 min
  • Max Height: 6500m msl
  • Max Wing: 13 m/s
  • Battery: 4S 30Ah
  • Frame: 690mm
  • Payload: 0.5 to 1 kg
  • Speed: 10-35 kph typical, 65 kph max
  • Power system: T-Motor
  • FC: DJI A3, Pixhawk (Cube), Micropilot

Hi @lyon44,
I think this is very good quad, please confirm that the motor is MN5004 Kv300 ?
I like the quad.

The motors are 5004 Kv500, spinning 18*6 props on 4S.

@lyon44 Thank you for quick response. Is the frame foldable? From the pictures, seems it is not. Or you must disassembly the arms to travel?

@ton999 It does not fold. Here is the link to the product page which has more information: https://store-en.tmotor.com/goods.php?id=831


91 minutes according to my logbook

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And this is the updated ebay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/193919309495

This will help if someone may share the stable PID gains for this bird. I own two of them and struggling to make it stable. Even after multiple autotunes. It flies well in low wind conditions but very unstable when its windy. It would help if someone has tested gains for this frame. I normally fly with all up weight of 4.1 Kg.

Hi @quad_vtol
Do you use 4S battery system with Kv500 motor or 6S battery system?? To my knowledge, TDrone have two power system: 4S and 6S battery system… I suspect that the 6S is better than the 4S system…

I use with 4S power system

Could it be that the frame build without drone dihedral?
Which Arducopter firmware version are you using?

Hi, I don’t see the post you’re responding to here - is 91 minutes a reference to your max flight time with this setup? If so, how much weight were you carrying? Thanks.

Hi anyone here have tested pid gains for M690A T-Drone Quadcopter. Arducopter default gains shows bit oscillation on roll and pitch axis. Please share.

Please post a link to a .bin log file and we can check it.
There could be too many causes to guess.

You already opened the same issue here

So why restart from scratch ?

Does anyone know where could I buy new landing arms for the M690?

PS. We get ca 45-50 min max flight time from our M690A (payload 850g).

you normally fly with 4.1 kg with a listed MTOW of 4.2 kg? Maybe that is why it less stable in windy conditions, less thrust margin for control. What is the hover % at?


Do anyone have the spec sheet of this motor? im not able to find it in t moto official listing.

Thanks in advance

Likely sell in a drone frame package and the motor is not available individually in the market.

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