System identification controller setup

Hi everyone
i am using arducopter sitl on xplane 10 raptor 30 model. Everything is working prefect. Thank You for that. I need some help tuning it according to my needs. Any help would be much appreciated.
Here is the description of what is there now and what exactly i need:

I am using the same parameter file that has been given for jet ranger on the R/C size 30 raptor model for my research except for some changes in the (extended tuning>stabilize pitch(3.00),roll(12.270),yaw(4.500)) fields in the mission planner

  1. it would be of great help if someone would have a look at the parameter file and make the required changes as required by this model helicopter
  2. when i am using external signals from matlab into the helicopter in the xplane the controller employed by the mission planner is controlling the helicopter too much nullifying the effect of the external signal all together. The whole point of my research is to estimate the behavior of the helicopter using the signal sent to it and the corresponding response.

for this to work, i need the helicopter to be held in hover but the autopilot should be less effective, this way the external signal will have its effect felt on the helicopter thereby giving a proper output(may be some way to bypass the stabilizing signal generated by the controller on mission planner on specified channels)

The below diagram shows the difference between the actual signal(uh) used and the controlled signal(uy) fed into the helicopter by the autopilot. The suppression of the external signal should be as much less as possible

Also, this the edited parameter file im using for raptor 30raptor30.param (14.7 KB)