System I/O file not found exception

please help guys …
mp - version - 1.3.77
Windows 10 Home - x64

can you please specify which version of Mission Planner you are using and on what operating system?

ohh yes - sorry - here iv edited and insert that info up there…

I’m afraid I can’t help you there as I’m not using Windows.
Perhaps someone else here can help.
…but looks almost as if the path to the required files hasn’t been found. Have you tried rebooting computer after installation? Or have you installed it under a different user account and now trying to access with your account ?
Another option may be just re-installing it and see what happens.
…as mentioned, not usually working with Windows. - Sorry can’t help more.

after restarting my computer - I’m still getting those strange messages …

There is remark in the error message about security attributes.
I would start again:
a) download the installation file ( do not use previous one as it may be corrupt)
b) install it using administrator rights
c) Then see if it works
…but once again, I don’t usually work with Windows 10

at a guess you have restricted access to your documents folder for mission planner.