Syncing transmission cycles across 2 mission planner instances

Dear members of this amazing community,
Is there any way to control or configure the transmission cycle or transmission initialization through mission planner.
The idea is to use 2 UAV’s flying through two different computers & Mission planner in both using 2 Antenna setup and 2 transceivers. The issue is if the 2 transceivers have their transmission and reception cycles mismatched may communicate amongst themselves and the UAV runs into the risk of not receiving the heartbeat.
Does mission planner already have this setup somewhere or is it the right way is to write a script to allow all mission planner instances to get time references from a time server and adjust their transmission cycles to match the first radio…
Kindly help!!! Thanks in advance

currently there is no way to do this. you can have 2 gcs’s connected, however neither is technically master

with MP you assign different sysid’s to the drones, so both sides see the drones as separate. at a guess I think it would work to some extent now.

@Michael_Oborne The main issue is to manage the time at which the transmission cycles of both the MP instances begins.
Can u let me know whats the current logic by which the transmission cycle begins in single MP instance? Like, does MP manage time from the moment the software is initialized or only manages time when ‘Connect’ is clicked.
I am willing to work on this and help develop it.
Thanks for the response.

given that both operate independently, I don’t see what you are asking.

Mission Planner passes data to the connected radio. data over the air is controlled by the radio, nothing to do with mission planner

MP while a connection is established to a drone sends one packet per second, under normal use.

How does MP pass the data to connected radio? From t=0 to t=x, x being the time at which the data is sent to the radio, for transmission, how does MP manage the lag?
Also, does MP command the transmission cycle to the radio or the radio receives from MP and transmits data back to MP based on its own cycle?
Sorry for the confusion!!

the radio controls everything. MP does not have any requirement to control it. Also the data is buffered in the radio itself, and depending on the radio it might be protocol aware. The timeout strategy used by mission planner changes depending on the content.

I think you need to provide more info about your intent.

MP creates the packet > sends to the serial/tcp device/socket > the underlying transport infrastructure sends the message using its own tdma scheme or similar. MP waits for a response when required and process’s accordingly.

Thanks a lot, @Michael_Oborne. This clarifies a lot.
I am wanting to use 2 UAV’s with only their respective GCS in the same vicinity.
SYSID for UAV should work but i am worried about transmission between the GCS’s since they are proximate to each other instead of the UAV and GCS thereby running a risk of losing communication with the UAV.
If there is a way to sync both the GCS to transmit at the same time and go into reception mode at the same time, i believe this could be avoided.
Hope i clarified my thought process.