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Synchropter project

(Kisor Alaguvel) #21

Thanks a lot:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I will do that–starting a new topic.
Maybe I’ll look into similarities with the Coax-tricopter (Y6, I guess) and change the code so as to accomodate mine.

(Kisor Alaguvel) #22

I saw about Russian Mil V-12 and I see it is not Coaxial-Propellers type. May be it is modifiable in the code?

(Chris Olson) #23

The Mil V-12 a true helicopter, as it uses collective and cylic pitch. I think your application, although similar due to transverse rotors, is quite different because of the method you want to use to stabilize it. The V-12 uses cyclic pitch for fore/aft stabilization like any helicopter uses.

I would say you are looking at a modification of the Copter code for the TriCopter frames. It is not a helicopter unless it uses CCPM with variable pitch blades and a throttle system using throttle curve or governor. Anything using variable speed motors to vary thrust fails over to multirotor code. It would not be flyable with helicopter code.

(Martin Szilagyi) #24

@PittRBM Hi Pitt,

now I’m using a new Laptop and I solved most of the problems.

I uploaded your firmware but the systems works as it is a chinook dual heli not a synchropter.

What did I do wrong?

Many Thanks!


(Pitt) #25

That’s the default settings.
You need to change the DUAL_MODE parameter (can’t remeber the exact name) with full parameter list page.
Type H_ in the search should show most heli-related parameters you need to tweak.

Edit: change DUAL_MODE from 0 to 1

(Martin Szilagyi) #26

That’s it! Thank you so much!!!