Synchropter project

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I will do that–starting a new topic.
Maybe I’ll look into similarities with the Coax-tricopter (Y6, I guess) and change the code so as to accomodate mine.

I saw about Russian Mil V-12 and I see it is not Coaxial-Propellers type. May be it is modifiable in the code?

The Mil V-12 a true helicopter, as it uses collective and cylic pitch. I think your application, although similar due to transverse rotors, is quite different because of the method you want to use to stabilize it. The V-12 uses cyclic pitch for fore/aft stabilization like any helicopter uses.

I would say you are looking at a modification of the Copter code for the TriCopter frames. It is not a helicopter unless it uses CCPM with variable pitch blades and a throttle system using throttle curve or governor. Anything using variable speed motors to vary thrust fails over to multirotor code. It would not be flyable with helicopter code.

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@PittRBM Hi Pitt,

now I’m using a new Laptop and I solved most of the problems.

I uploaded your firmware but the systems works as it is a chinook dual heli not a synchropter.

What did I do wrong?

Many Thanks!


That’s the default settings.
You need to change the DUAL_MODE parameter (can’t remeber the exact name) with full parameter list page.
Type H_ in the search should show most heli-related parameters you need to tweak.

Edit: change DUAL_MODE from 0 to 1

That’s it! Thank you so much!!!

Can you send me a copy of design document of Synchropter . I want make one with my own.

I don’t mind sharing but they’re in Solidworks2014 format. Since my license expired, I can’t open nor convert them.

I have the solidworks ,so can you just send me the solidworks file format .
Thank you so much.

I have the solidworks ,so can you just send me the solidworks file format . Can you
share the filel to my email
Thank you so much.

I really wanted to try and make one myself, can you share me the design file to my email

Can you contact me with my ,I can pay a fee with your design files.

Hello Pitt,

I am working on a similar platform, and while I have an autopilot picked out which is already capable of flying this type of intermeshing helicopter, it is very expensive and I would like to see if I can use a PX4.

I found your build, and I am interested in learning how you were able to get the control mixing to work. I have never programmed a pixhawk/ardupilot based machine, but I have integrated other autopilots. I can see that it has been quite the journey to get that thing flying! Would you be up to sharing your experiences and the gotchas?

Thanks in advance! Keep it flying!

Ardupilot has a special motor mixer for the intermeshing configuration which @PittRBM designed. There is a short wiki on the motor mixer for this configuration and I provided a link below.

You will have to scroll down until you see intermeshing

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Hello Bill,

Thank you for the reply! That is very helpful. I am curious, do you know if anyone has done this with the PX4 stack vs Ardupilot? This has the potential to become a commercial project, and as I understand PX4 is more meant to be used in commercial applications but currently has very little support for helicopter type systems. Would it be outside the rules to apply this firmware to an aircraft that could see commercial operation/production?

There are many companies that use ardupilot in commercial applications. Depending on your planned use and country, you may have to get the vehicle and software certified. I am not familiar with the details and requirements for this but there are other companies that are pursuing this with ardupilot.

If you have any other questions on the motor mixer and use of ardupilot for this frame type, please start a thread in the traditional helicopter section under ArduCopter. We will do our best to help you. I am not sure how active Pitt is anymore.

I’ve been away from flying hobbies ever since my country proposed drone regulations and other reasons. I still have email notifications so you can ping me.

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Hello Pitt,

That is sad to hear. Our regulations in the US are getting tighter also. It is very unfair to the hobby, especially when so many of us operate very safely. A few bad apples and corporate lobbyists have changed everything! I hope you have found something else to put your energy into that is as rewarding!

Thank you for responding. As @bnsgeyer requested, once I get into this a little more I will start a new thread. Have a good weekend!

We actually have a design of this heli and higher payload versions are also possible.