Switching out Pixhawks FC's

Can someone please tell me if I can switch out my Pixhawk FC’s without having to recalibrate my compass.

I basically want to change my FC’s like for like. I have calibrated the accelerometer and all other aspects but not the compass. Is it possible to take the compass offsets from the old pixhawk and manually input them into the new pixhawk or do I have to re-calibrate the compass as well?

Thanks in advance,

In a word? Sure you can. If you want to copy the old parameters to the new FC.

However, keep in mind that you’ll be using new hardware which will likely need its own calibration settings.

You CAN do it. The question is obviously should you.

Personally? I would redo everything if you get a new FC.

Cheers Mark, I’ll take your advice and redo everything to be on the safe side.

Thanks again,

You don’t necessarily have to redo everything. When I swap out a FC I load the old param file in APM Planner2 and check everything that will not change, like PID’s, WPNAV params, etc - and load those into the FC. But I do re-calibrate the R/C, accel’s and compass. Even though the R/C cal’s should not be significantly different, I load the old param file one more time and compare the old with new, and double check that my channel 5 switch positions still correspond to the proper flight modes, and double check the FS throttle setting.

I’ve done that three times and have had 100% success just going out and flying it with no drama with the new FC in it.

Chris, Thanks for you advice. I did exactly as you recommended. I have recalibrated R/C, accel’s and compass and loaded the params.

Just waiting for a chance to get back out on the water.

Thanks again,