Switching from APM 2.6 to Pixhawk

How much Commonality is there, as far as peripheral connections, between the APM 2.6 and the Pixhawk? is it a clean swap if i already have APM 2.6 with all the goodies (GPS, telemetry, 3DR Power Module)

does Pixhawk work with Mission Planner, AndroPilot or Droid Planner?

Thanks in Advance

Can’t answer for the connectors but it certainly does work with all the current line up of GCS.

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Pixhawk documentation: 3drobotics.com/wp-content/upload … rev3_3.pdf

I beg to Differ, Stefan, this is a Support question that asks if a PixHawk is a Clean Swap of an APM 2.6 While using Arducopter 3.1. it was not a technical question, just a product/pre-sales inquiry.

I didn’t say that it’s not a support question in general. I said it’s not a Copter software support question, as you were asking about connections and such. That is hardware and therefore belongs to the hardware support section.

But anyways, all the information you need is in the product description and the documentation of the Pixhawk and the Firmware.

Few things I have noticed. GPS connector for APM 2.6 is a 5 to 6 pin connector. For Pixhawk it is a 6 to 6. Compass connector is the same in both.

Telemetry port on Pixhawk in a 6 pin, APM is a 5 pin.

Same Compass/GPS unit works , just a few small cable differences. Good luck.

did they Send the different wires? Or did you have to order those separately? I know in the APM Kit, they gave you extra Connectors like that?

I believe they did
Telemetry cable also comes with the new style 3DR radio


GPS cable is included with the Pixhawk. Telemetry cable for old style radios is NOT and currently also not available from the 3DR store.

I use MTK3329 GPS which use 5pin connectors. My Pixhawk was not shipped with any 5 to 6pin connectors only 6 to 6 and 4 to 4 pin connectors so I was stuck until I bought another connector.

If you use Ublox they are fitted with 6pin connectors


Sorry, I should have said “comes with a cable for the 3DR GPS/Compass module”

Thanks Stefan!!

Here is the Pixhaw manual:
3drobotics.com/wp-content/upload … rev3_3.pdf

And Pixhawk overview:
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … -overview/