Switching flight modes only "half" working

On my walkera 350pro I’ve set-up 6 flight modes.

APM 2.0 (OS X) I’ve set the 6 different flight modes and I test the switch on the RX with the readings on APM.
It seems to work, BUT on 2 switch positions no matter which flight mode I select it will always output Alt Hold.

The same thing happens on droidplanner too.

Is there a parameter I should check?

anyone please?

I’ll have a go at helping, but I’m a bit of a novice

When you say you set up six modes, you realise that you select the modes in Mission Planner, but your radio transmitter needs to send the correct pwm signal.

In my case I set six modes in mission planner and on my Turnigy 9x, had to configure a two pos and three pos switch to generate six distinct pwm signals which each corresponded to one of the modes.

Once configured you can see the modes being selected inMissionPlanner as the switches on the transmitter are cycled.

Hope this answers your question, good luck dude!

Having just gone through configuring modes on my Taranis, here is what I did to check.
Watch that the CH5 levels are changing correctly as the FlightMode 1-6 are based on the CH5 PPM levels.
I did this on the RC calibration screen.
Obviously you can check the FlightMode 1-6 drop downs too.
My Taranis sets CH5 to mid position if I change other switches, so worth checking this too.
I was suffering from this when trying to use CH7 as another flight mode.

I’ve set it up with one 3-pos and one 2-pos switch.

I have six flight modes set on mission planner.
I can see them changing, but when i.e. loiter is selected on mission planner, through the Tx, it announces Alt Hold.

This happens on two flight modes, whatever mode I’ve set them to do.

Do you mean that Mission Planner is showing the correct flight modes as you switch, but not the transmitter?
If MP is wrong, then you need to see what CH5 is doing as you change your RC switches via the RC calibration screen.
If it’s just the transmitter then I can’t help, but the Taranis has a text entry for flight modes and a separate setting which does the audio announcement, plus the mix which actually generates the CH5 levels. I had to get all this correct for MP and transmitter to match, plus the defaulting CH5 to the middle in other switch positions caused some problems too.

I think what is happening is his PWM signal is eratic and going to the wrong Flight Mode when it was adjusted correctly before.

I am suffering from the same problem using Plane. Someone suggested I need to change from the Mission Planner plane default channel 8 to channel 5 in the parameters screen. This I have not done yet but have only spent a few minutes trying to find where I change the Flight Mode Channel from 8 to 5.

Currently I have channel 8 setup on the 3 way switch and all looks good when I go to calibrate. The PWM positions don’t fluctuate BUT when I go to the Flight Mode screen to adjust the % to fall within the PWM for each mode it does not hold the PWM well enough to switch from mode to mode cleanly.

For instance I will have adjust the Switch percentage for Mode 2, ID1 on the Turnigy, set it squarely in the center of the PWM parameters for that mode 2 and then come back and it is now outside the PWM for that Mode 2 and that switch position now is on Mode 1 or 3 or 4 or worse. So, I don’t know how to adjust for this in the parameters, yet, and I am not sure if changing to Channel 5 for the Flight Modes would even help. Seems like a radio, software, Pixhawk problem, or perhaps some parameter problem.

Please post a telemetry log in which you try to cycle through each mode. Allow at least 2 seconds on each switch position.

A dataflash log works as well, but I suggest telemetry since getting copter to log to dataflash involves keeping it armed.

Has this ever been resolved, I have the exact same problem with my Walkera x350 Pro. It use to be correct on the factory settings but since I’ve changed it to other values it seems to be stuck in Alt Hold. I am not sure how to log this with telemetry but attached is screen shots of the issue that clearly shows that Current PWM and that the correct flight mode is selected in the list of 6 but at the top the Current Mode stays at ALT hold. I’ve also tested this in flight and it definitely is stuck on Alt Hold

Do you have GPS? Wondering if it doesn’t show loiter until it has good enough gps.