Switching flight modes are not really working

Switching the flight modes worked after I installed the pixhawk on my multicopter. Then after powering up the pixhawk about 10 times it’s no longer possible to switch the flight modes after arming. I hear two times a higher double beep each time when I switch the flight mode, but the mode itself doesn’t switch. Before arming it is always possible to switch the flight mode and you hear one low tone beep. Has anyone got a clue?
The multicopter has never flown until now. It’s the latest pixhawk and latest firmware. Beside that issue everything seems to work.


Another bad effect is occuring. In some flight modes like Loiter, RTL or Land after a while suddenly the Pixhawk disarms. [color=#BF0000]In flying condition it would result in a crash.[/color] That’s really not tolerable!!!

Unless you fly, automatic disarming is normal.
Refusing to switch to modes if requirement s are not meet, like good GPS fix, is also normal.
You need to read more before complaining, or at least post logs.

Automatic disarming is only normal if your throttle stays to zero or near zero but for high throttle it is absolutely not normal!! Additionally I had an 8 to 10 satellite fix.

…and did you were actually flying ?
yes = "logs please"
no = no actual flight, desktop-testing , or “lifting it up by hand” will result in crash detection as expected attitude is not achieved, and thus the conclusion would be the before suggested RTFM. :slight_smile:

I was not actually flying. If disarming would happen during flight it would result in a disastrous crash because my copter has a weight of 8 Kg! Anyway I think the disarming function should be modified and should not happen unintentionally when you are testing.


I would suggest you go easy on criticizm of “AP mistakes”, and telling how it “should be” you really know it. - and can prove by well analyzed logs.
(As you can see, it does not exactly help you to attract very much help from experienced people)

It’s a very sophisticated AP, and unless you know it, you will always risk to be surprised just like in real life, when TAM crashed in Brazil in '89, just because pilots did not know how auto throttle would behave in case of thrust reverser failure.
Knowing your AP is important, and the knowledge is not gained by blunt statements.

Incorrect disarming during flight (crash detection) can only happen during extreme rare circumstances with an very, very poorly tuned autopilot. Also, you can disable it.
(not to be confused with idle-disarm)