Switch to Manual when Telemetry is Disconnectd


We are using rover for boat configuration purposes, and we are wondering whether the vehicle can switch to manual mode when the telemetry radios are disconnected and the boat is in auto mode.
We know that Copter can do this, but Rover does not have the same option (it only has options to hold and RTL).
In waypoints, we tried setting the MAV command to be UNKNOWN with params 192 and 176 (sets mode to manual), but it was rejected by the system.
We have seen some brief statements about using the RC transmitter to switch flight modes when FS_GCS_ENABLE is set to 1, but we are unsure of how to do that with a DX5C remote control.



This would require a code modification so probably best to add it to the issues list as an enhancement.

I’m not aware that Copter can do this actually, the list of possible parameter values of FS_GCS_ENABLE are here so I suspect there’s some misunderstanding or confusion, possibly with the fall back from using a joystick (which uses the RC_OVERRIDE mavlink message delivered over telemetry) and the regular RC input.