Switch to GUIDED_NOGPS fails


I’m building custom mission handler on companion computer. Missions looks like this:

  1. Arm motors on POS_HOLD mode
  2. Takeoff with MAV_CMD_NAV_TAKEOFF
  3. Switch to GUIDED_NOGPS mode (indoors flight with OF sensor)
  4. Fly wherever with SET_ATTITUDE_TARGET command

Problem is that step 3 (command 176) fails with result code 3 (MAV_RESULT_UNSUPPORTED).
Little confusing since as far as i know, GUIDED_NOGPS should be supported with AC 3.5.3 vesion.

Have you looked at this:

Thank you @james_pattison, python is not my native language, but i’ll take a look at it. Hopefully get the point :slight_smile:

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If you got no gps, you need to set the home position before takeoff ! It is needed to initialise the EKF and you need to use EKF3 I think. Check on wiki how it should be done

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MAV_CMD_DO_SET_HOME Would be command for that ?