Switch to auto, get RTL instead

I’m using a pixhawk1 with mission planner, latest.
I’ve programed a very simple mission- auto takeoff to 40 meters, to waypoint 2, then loiter while airspeed is calibrated and I deal with any emergencies on this maiden flight.
With good 3D fixes (2 GPSs) and no flags of any kind, the plane will arm in manual. I’ve programmed no delay and no acceleration trigger, just to test if the motor will run up when I switch to auto. Nope. it goes to RTL instead. I can find no failsafe conditions.
Lots of time invested, but no soap.
Solved. Was not writing the waypoints to the aircraft.

do you have any log for us to look ?
Tlog maybe can help.

I solved it. Thanks very much for the offer of help. I was simply not supplying it with the needed waypoints- missed the button somehow. Idiot.