Switch to Alt Hold and quad spins down

Hi I am new to all this and am trying to get my newly built 600 quad working.
I have PX4Flow and Lidar-Light installed and configured as per wiki instructions.
Everything looks ok in mission planner (latest Update installed)
When im in a hover in stabablise mode and switch to althold mode the motors slow down a lot and drops. (Im supporting the quad on my hand in hover, dont want it to crash :smiley: ).
I get no errors in the log which I cant upload as its like 6 meg zipped.

I even tried arming in alt hold mode and take off but its every iractic. I put the throttle stick at the 50% mark and it will spin up very hard pulling on my hand and moving the stick just a little in either direction results in large changes in prop speed so add a little throttle and she want to take off decrease just a little and it wants to land.

Any assistance with this would be appreciated.

I have checked the output from the lidar and it is showing the correct height.

It would be best to analyze your log file.

The behaviour of althold is fine . It is mean to be like that . I have never tried to play with my drone holding it with my hands , but maybe because of that the px4 is feeling that it isn’t necessary to maintain the thrust to keep the altitude,thus slowing down the motors .

If you are confident, try to takeoff in stabilize, hover a little and set your midpoint accordingly. After that, you should be able to try althold. For that , fly in a comfortable altitude that , if something should happens you could have enough room to recover by changing back to stabilize.

Thanks for your input, I took her out today and just bit the bullet so to speak and all went good.

Took off in AltHold and was a stable as anything, so v happy.

Now just have to get some confidence and start flying…

Thanks for the gentle push…

You’re welcome , enjoy your bird!