Switch on an LED at a waypoint

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I have a slightly different problem that I think ardurover could help me with, but I’m not exactly sure how to set it up.

On our dried vine fruit vineyard we do some summer pruning to cut the fruit bearing canes to dry the fruit on the trellis. This operation is done with a tractor mounted cutter bar that cuts the canes as it travels down the row of vines. The difficulty is that we need to maneuver the cutter bar around trellis posts which can be difficult to see due to vine leaves and foliage.

If I could mark the position of each trellis post as a waypoint could I set up the pixhawk and an ublox F9P with ntrip corrections to illumintate a LED when I get to the post and alert me to the post position? I don’t need to pixhawk to do any navigation or controlling.

Thank for any assistance offered.

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looks like this could be easily done with lua scripting on the ardurover 4.1.0-dev

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