Switch mode impossible to change

Hello everybody,

I want to be able to disarm my vehicle during a mission, do you have any idea?

Thank you :slight_smile:

you can set a switch and an ARM/DISARM switch using AUX functions.

I already set an arm/disarm button but when I use it, it doesn’t work during mission

set RCx_OPTION to 153.

I will try, but right now I don’t know why, my cube is not able to connect by telem, it says “waiting for hearbeat”, do you have any idea?

can you connect with usb?

Yes, I can, but before, I was able to connect by telemetry. I did it a thousand times, but right now, I can’t.

reboot your computer, mission planner and windows usb serial ports get messed up sometimes

I try it and I will give you some news when it is done ! thank you so much :slight_smile:

Ok I reboot my computer but allways the same result

and when I try with MavProxy it says :

Waiting for heartbeat from /dev/ttyUSB0
MAV> link 1 down


have you changed any serial settings on mission planner?

No I changed nothing

what are you using for telemetry radios?

did setting arming to 153 work?

I use an RFD 860x , I don’t know for the rc_option bc I can’t connect my vehicle to put parameters… I am not with usb right now

I had already 153 on one channel, but it doesn’t stop my vehicle in mission mode