Switch from stable mode to constant althold mode, height jump

4.0.7 firmware, trex700x helicopter, switching from stable mode to althold mode will suddenly increase the height and then recover. It is a phenomenon of height jump, which only occurs during mode switching. Is this phenomenon normal, and how to set it to avoid height jump!

@Peterpan it sounds like you may have a 3-D set up for your collective and center of the throttle stick does not match the stick position for hovering in stabilize. For althold mode, the throttle stick centered commands zero height change. Do you find yourself having to lower the stick after you switch to althold hold because it is above center stick position?
I would need you to post a log and your parameters in order to diagnose your problem better.

Uploading: 00000009.log… This is my latest flight record, please help me find the problem, thank youkeys:18xs

You may need to provide a link to the log. I’m not sure this website allows you to upload it.

Can I have your email, I will send you my log,thank you!

I don’t know if you can download it.



Finally, I found zhe problem,is the remote control settings to use the helicopter throttle curve switch, and the CH5, pitch will have a 1/5 jump when swith.