Switch between GPS1 to GPS2

I have an CV position that i want to inject to pixhawk.
I need the ability to switch between the GPS position and CV position.
The GPS injecting is through Telem1 by GPS_INPUT (maybe GPS2 is better?)

I saw that there is automatic way to choose the best GPS (by satellite number) or blended position signal (by accuracy).
But in my case i use CV position and want to give the operator the ability to change to disable it (changing to GPS position - for safety/emergency).
I am using QGC, but if there is an option in Mission Planner is also good for me.

Using the latest ArduCopter code from master gives you four options:

  • 0 -GPS1
  • 1 -Autoswitch
  • 2 - Blending
  • 3 - GPS2

So you can manually change that parameter during flight between 0 and 3 to get either GPS1 or GPS2 respectively

I’m using the last firmware (3.6.4) and using QGC_v3.2.2

GPS_TYPE=auto (using here gps)

when both are connected i see (GPS1 with 10 satellites, GPS2 with 5 satellites as i sent).

but i didn’t fine the switcher to change GPS1 to GPS2,
I also didn’t find the configuration that you suggest me (what is the name of the parameter?).

Thanks for your help

GPS_AUTO_SWITCH in master, not on 3.6.4

i want to make sure that i understood,
did you mean that i need to clone this rep(branch master):

and to upload it to Pixhawk2.1?
is it stable?
where do i change parameter?
in Parameter window during flight (is it safe?)?

yes, clone that one.
and upload it.
No, it is beta.
In mission Planner.
Yes it is safe during flight.

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