Swap motors 1&2 with 3&4

Like an idiot I mounted my clockwise motors on 1&2 (CCW) and it’d be a huge pain to move them. Can I swap motors 1&2 to clockwise and 3&4 to counter clockwise in mission planner or is it just going to be better to physically move the motors?

Just swap two wires on each ESC.That’ll reverse thrust to the motor.Or do you have directional prop holders ?

You could look at selecting an H frame which has the reverse layout to an X You wouldn’t even have to swap the outputs for that.

My props are bolted on the directional screw tops. Is there any performance hit I’ll take by setting it up as an H frame? I wouldn’t expect there to be, better to ask though.

Well,there shouldn’t be but this is the gumph int he wiki about H frames.

A common confusion comes when trying to decide if a particular Quadcopter’s Type is “X” or “H”. The Type depends upon the direction that the motors spin and not on the shape that the arms produce. However if the frame physically looks like an “H” and is somewhat flexible (i.e it can be twisted) it’s yaw performance may be improved by reversing the motor order and changing the type to “H”.

So give it a try and see how your frame likes it.If it’s horrible you’ll be into swapping them about so you’ won’t have lost anything.