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SWAG Shop Issues


I have several issues with the SWAG shop and have had no response to my “Contact Us” queries. My current order (#154146) is approaching a month without being shipped. They are just decals. My previous order (#124737) was received incorrect. The “ArduPlane” decals were received as “ArduSUB” decals. I don’t post PayPal complaints because the money is supposed to benefit the developers. I hope that this is still the case.

Order ID Customer No. of Products Status Total Date Added
#154146 Gregory Covey 2 Processing $23.95 25/08/2019
#124737 Gregory Covey 2 Shipped $23.95 28/10/2018
#72581 Gregory Covey 2 Shipped $18.50 19/02/2018

It has now been over a month with no status change to my order. It would seem that I have gone from getting the wrong decals on my previous order to getting no decals…not a great way to promote ArduPilot.

Greg, thank you for notifying. I will check tomorrow morning from the people who are responsible of the shipping

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Thank you for helping! My order now shows that it has been shipped.


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