Swag including Commercial Partners

How about making some t-shirts with all commercial partners logos in the back and ArduPilot logo in the front. This would be a new perk that could attract more partners. Both t-shirts with and without logos could be made available.

Hmm thank you @tomlauzon that could be a good idea. If it is done with embroidery it should be possible even there are quite many logos.

That amount of logos is main problem and some has fine details that could be difficult to make.

Silkprinting then again could do all fine details too but downside is that there are a lot of colors which then again makes production prices rather high.

With ArduPilot logo in front and/or back with Partner text and then single logo of partner is highly more doable and would not cost too much.

I will take this to APO marketing committee and let’s see what we can come up.