SWAG Idea: Mouse pads 20x25cm

Initial test batch of mouse mats have arrived. This initial batch was just to test how our templates work and what type of image quality we can get. Overall they look fine just minor tweaks here and there and then we can put them on ArduPilot SWAG shop

Any comments, ideas?!? What type of texts, images etc you would like to see on these pads?

There it a plan to have huge pads too like 30x90cm but let’s get these smaller out first…

Sample 22 x 25cm Mousepads:

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Mouse pads are now available in SWAG Shop. Their size is 20 x 25cm. Neoprene material

at here: https://shop.ardupilot.org/c_accessories/ardupilot-mouse-pad-vto-2025