Survey grid with oblique images

Hello everybody!
There is one thing that I had on my mind for some time now - oblique image collection with mission planner. Of course, you can simply plan the flight and set up the gimbal angle to be off-nadir, however, it only gets you the images from one perspective and when you are doing the oblique mapping you typically need nadir, north, east, south and west (or relative to flight line) images. This could be more efficiently implemented with gimbal control available. In fact, DJI has just implemented it with M300 and P1 mapping camera (

I imagine It as “hover and capture” scenario where after image capture gimbal changes orientation to oblique and captures the rest of the photos. Yes, it is not as efficient as “move and capture” but still, it would be more efficient than a separate flight for every oblique orientation.

Of course, I see some problems that could be faced when implementing and using this, but in general, I would say it is a good idea, what about you?

Oblique mapping is becoming more popular, and I am quite sure more people will use it now that DJI has it implemented, it would not be bad if ardupilot/Mission planner was not behind.

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Ok I seem to be alone here with this one! :joy: