Survey Grid Lens setting

MP 1.3.30
Sony NEX7 w/Sigma 19mm

Does MP take into account crop factor of the lens on an APS-C sensor or do I need to enter
30.4mm for the 19mm lens?

I use 30mm for my 30mm Sigma on my NEX7 and a5100.

you need to put what the camera see’s, ie if the lens crops it, you need to modify the value to account for that.

That is what I was thinking but then after using an on-line FOV calculator, it seems MP was doing the calc correctly. It would be great to have a crop factor input so it was clear…

My issue, flying a Sony NEX7 w/Sigma 19mm. Is that it seems the images I am getting are not accurate with the survey plan…

Only with huge overlap settings and slow fling am I able to get images with enough overlap to stitch…

In all my snooping around in MP I thought I saw a setting for shutter lag, I can’t find it now… ?

Also, my two cents. I would be great if the user could select imperial or metric and then that is it… Sort of frustrating when to enter units in feet or mph etc and then see results in M/sec or Meters…

Should be a global setting IMHO…

So what is the correct focal to use for the Sony NEX7 and a5100 APS-C camera’s?
I’m using a Sigma 30mm, what should I enter in MP?
A 1.6 Crop Factor on 30mm would be 48mm? So I need to be entering this? That doesn’t seem right from my experience using and flying MP.

When I look at other cameras with their default data in MP, I don’t see these crop factors.

I have noticed with my NEX7, Once you load a sample image from file, the sensor dimension are accurate and it seems to be calculating the correct FOV. Crop factor for Sony APS-C is 1.5 btw…

Sorry I’m still not understanding. So I load in my sample image and it gives me a Focal Length of 30mm and a Image size of 6000x4000 with a field of view of 60.3mx40m.
Everything seems good there, do i need to apply a crop factor? Michael’s response is a bit ambiguous.

PS. Yes the Sony APS-C crop factor is 1.5, I was mistakenly looking at the Canon. Thanks.