Survey Grid - Bug in Camera Config Panel


I have been having problems with the % overlap and sidelap when taking picture of crops. I would set the values to like 75% and would end up getting like 25%. I decided to check the Mission Planner calculation and found a bug. Here is the issue…

AGL = 300 ft
Focal Length = 5.5 mm
Sensor Width = 4.8 mm
Sensor Height = 3.6 mm

Mission Planner calculates
Field of View Horizontal = 261.8 m
Field of View Vertical = 196.4 m

I calculate the following
Field of View Horizontal = 261.8 ft
Field of View Vertical = 196.4 ft

A big difference in the Field of View calculations :open_mouth:

Has anyone else run into this problem?

Yikes! Which version are you using? Have you tried earlier versions?

what version of MP?

I had a look and it looks like I handle this case already

I just started using Mission Planner in the last 3 months, so no I have not checked previous versions. I’m using version 1.3.30.