Survey Flight Path Using Lidar for Terrain Following

Howdy all, I am new to the forum here. We have been developing two models of industrial UAV’s for agricultural use and have been using the standard QGroundControl App.

One feature we would like but haven’t worked out how to use is to have terrain following using a Lidar while flying an auto survey flight path. Is this able to be done? from what I have found it can work the height at the individual waypoints however not in the path between waypoints?

Also is there any developers that would be interested in doing a small amount of customization for us? Mostly cosmetic changes. Email me: if interested

I believe the combination of ArduPilot+QGC will support Lidar over terrain missions. You need to set the mission items to Terrain frame in order for that to work.

Most QGC devs are kind of flat out with existing consulting work. I’ll see if I can find anyone.

You migh want to ping Bill Bonney at for consulting.

Many thanks for your reply, much appreciated. To clarify, do you mean to select the MAV_FRAME_GLOBAL_TERRAIN_ALT function on each waypoint? Then select AGL for Altitude?
I will try this next week, my main concern is the altitude will only be calculated from the lidar at each waypoint, not during the flight path between each waypoint.

The task is for quite low flying, approx 5-10m AGL.

Then next question is, can that setting be set as the default setting for the mission items?

Hmm, I was just looking at the code and I spoke incorrectly. The option for setting altitude to TerrF which is MAV_FRAME_GLOBAL_TERRAIN_ALT only shows up if you load a mission which already has it set. Now that I remember, it was done that way to prevent confusion since QGC does not support the ArduPilot terrain grid contanst upload to the vehicle thing. So you can’t currently do this from QGC.

I think that may be the case. I’m not really sure how ArduPilot lidar terrain stuff works.