Surface tracking not working with TF Mini Plus lidar (Solved)


I am running AC 4.0.4 dev on the my cube black, proficnc hex carrier board and using a herelink that runs qgroundcontrol. I setup the lidar per the wiki and I am getting the correct reading in the status tab looking at sonarrange in MP. Using the telemetry 2 port on the carrier board as a serial connection to the lidar. Here are the parameters I have changed:

Serial2_Protocol = 9
Serial2_Baud =115
Rngfnd1_Type = 20
Rngfnd1_Min_CM = 10
Rngfnd1_Max_CM = 600
Rngfnd1_Gndclear = 18
Rngfnd_Gain = .8
Rngfnd_Orient = 25

I flew it in Loiter and Alt Hold very slowly…about 4 feet over my car, but it would not change altitude going over it. I must be doing something wrong, but not sure what it is? Is there something else I need to change? I was well with the min and max of the lidar. Attached is my parameter file. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you.

2020-07-08 16-16-38.param (18.3 KB)

hello, how did you solve it?