Surface tracking copter

Hi all,
I’am working with surface tracking but, I developped a drone only for indoor flight and I’d like to do a surface tracking but with the ceiling so a ceiling tracking :).
I’ve read the source code specially surface_tracking.cpp and Copter.h, whant I understand is in the code you use


And I’ve seen Surface::CEILING, so my question is if I changeSurface::GROUND by Surface::CEILING is it working? Beceause for now surface:ceiling is only to avoid to beat the ceiling is it right?

Or should I only use set_surface method to change GROUND to CEILING ?

Edit: in the documentation here I can read for Surface Tracking Up/Down

This three position switch determines if surface tracking via rangefinder is toward the ground (low) or ceiling (high), or disabled, otherwise.

So if I understand well if I set this auxiliary function (75) to 3 positions swith and if the value is high my the surface tracking will be run with ceiling tracking am I right ?


Yes, ceiling tracking is supported and you should be able to use that auxiliary switch function to change between tracking the floor or the ceiling…

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