Supported air speed sensors on ardupilot


I recently bought a differential pressure sensor in order to control the airspeed of my glider with the matekh743 wing v2 flight controller. The sensor in question is the SEN0343 from DFRobot. When I first bought it, I tought it was compatible with ardupilot because it was using an I²C communication protocol. But now I’m having a second thought since I noticed there was a type of the airspeed sensor to select in the ARSP_TYPE the parameters.
I was wondering if the SEN0343 is compatible with ardupilot, and if it is, which type of sensor is it ? If it is not, I was also wondering if there might be a way to make it compatible with ardupilot and especially with the matekh743.

Thank you for your support

I don’t see any support for that sensor in the Ardupilot code. It’s an I2C sensor so it would presumably need a new sensor type to be created for it, with a driver added to the codebase that knows how to talk to it.

Thank you for your response,

I was wondering if you might know how to create that driver or if an Ardupilot developer might help me with it ?

Within the Ardupilot codebase it would go under libraries/AP_Airspeed and I assume it would follow the example of the existing ones. But I don’t know much about the code so I’m not the person to help with that. :slight_smile:

That sensor is not supported. I don’t think that sensor should be added to ArduPilot through when there are sensors that have proper data sheets with much more descriptive uncertainty measurements than the SEN0343 (which also seems to be called an LWLP5000). I am very sceptical of the ±1.5%FS accuracy on the spec sheet. There is a lot more that goes into these sensors than just a single source of uncertainty.

For about 50 USD you can pick up an I2C version of an MS4525 that is supported and in most cases be better than synthetic airspeed. When picking hardware, always double check that the software supports it.