Support Request for JHEMCU GH743AIO, 3-6S, 40A, BLHeli_S

I am VERY impressed with JHEMCU GH743AIO. Here is a video of it:

It has many features, it is relatively cheap (in this economy). However it is not a perfect FC, because there is no Ardupilot support yet! :wink:

It has STM32H743VI, which means it has 2M flash:

So, may I kindly request a support for JHEMCU GH743AIO from the developers? I have seen a recent support news for another JHEMCU FC and I think this may be the best time for this request.
Thank you for your attention.

It looks easy to support - I just need one so that I can write the hwdef

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Hello first off i want to say im sorry this is my first time posting on here. I was wondering if you where ever able to get a target for this board a or if you still need a board to make one. I have two of these i would be willing to send you one if you can make it work. The are useless in bataflight so if i can use them here that would be great.

Sure, send me one - I’ll do the port

Send me your info and ill send it out later this week. Thank you

What do you mean by “they are useless in betaflight” - there is a target for betaflight unified-targets/JHEF-JHEH743_AIO.config at master · betaflight/unified-targets · GitHub

OK so useless might be overaggerating it a bit. i dont really understand all of it but something about these is something wrong with the timers and it makes the bidirectional dshot not work. You can still fly but without rpm filtering and i got them for a freestyle bulid i was doing and wanted rpm filtering